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How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines

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How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines
  • How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines
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How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines
How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines. 144 sider.

Since the late 1950s and the famous "Elephant" Hemi, through the '70s and '80s when Chrysler engines terrorized drag strips and southern stock car racing, and the new millennium of now famous Magnum powerplants, Chrysler has consistently produced some of the strongest performance engines for street and race track use. Author Adkins, an ASE-certified master technician with an ASE certification in Advanced Level Engine Performance has written a book for Chrysler performance engine builders. Adkins details performance modifications for each family of engines and each specific model within the family- making interchangability of parts a common theme. Included are aftermarket components and services, do-it-yourself modifications, technical specifications, performance figures, and a comprehensive review of engine upgrades.
 Chrysler has significantly increased its participation and visibility in sprint car, NHRA drag racing, and NASCAR with its reintroduction to Winston Cup and Busch Series racing in the year 2001.
 Chrysler's new Magnum series of engines and crate motor performance powerplants have gained major visibility in the marketplace.
 Author is a highly educated and technically outstanding expert on Chrysler engines.
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